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Recent Headlines






Strategy for International Filing of Design Patents:  Hague Agreement


The Importance of Intellectual Property Marking


Beware Patent & Trademark Scams


USPTO Inter Partes Review In Review By The U.S. Supreme Court


General Summary of Intellectual Property Law: Advantages/Disadvantages

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U.S. Patent 9,000,000 Issues


Patent Office Issues Steps Regarding Computer-Implemented Inventions


US. Supreme Court Addresses Eligibility of Computer-Implemented Patents


Supreme Court Establishes New Definiteness Test


Genes - Patent Eligible Subject Matter Revisited


Trademark and Domain Name Co-Dependence


Pro Se Trademark Applications


Patent Reform Advances Through Congress


Patents in Europe are Becoming More Affordable


Tips for Optimizing the Term of Your Patent


How to Destroy a Trademark Without Even Trying


Pitfalls of Patent Marking


Wild, Wild Web!


Protecting a Sensory Attribute of Food by Patent


Keep Your Eye on Your Trademarks: Lessons from the Automotive Industry


Two Perspectives on the Vessel Hull Design Protection Act


To Pin or Not to Pin


What's in a Name: Linsanity Off the Court


Green Technology Initiative Ends


Inside the Virtual Coliseum: Yahoo! v. Facebook


Post-Grant Review, Inter-Parties Review, Inter-Parties Reexamination


Google's New Wave of Advertisements is Ringing in the Ear


Jordan v. Qiaodan: Trademark Battles in China


America Invents Act Prior Art Submission


Securing Additional Patent Life Beyond The Statutory Defined Time Limit



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